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Trail in Woods
Hannah Harvey
Founder of Heartache Hall 

It's July 2020 and ​just as the UK is starting to peek out from behind their closed doors and venture out again, my life was about to change for the absolute worst and the absolute best. 


Yep, I was getting Divorced. 

Overwhelm, grief, heartbreak, guilt, relief, freedom, legal issues, finances to manage, practical stuff... All mixed together to make this heady cocktail that you have to drink on a rollercoaster.

At times it was incredibly lonely. I was surrounded by the best of friends and family but I felt like the only person in the world going through a divorce. And certainly the only one with my unique set of head f*cks.

But I would never change this amazing journey I have been on. It led to so much self-discovery and happily (after 39 years of waiting) a self acceptance that gave me the confidence to finally be myself and follow my true calling.

I'm so passionate about finding out who you really are and reaching your true potential. More women need to understand their incredible power, their ability to create change in the world for good, and to go on to help so many more people around them! 


And so I created Heartache Hall. A divorce retreat that will show you are not alone. A retreat to spoil you while you feel the feels but crucially leave with a very clear plan.


I want  you to come to the Heartache Hall and have the space to feel sad, heartbroken even, and know that you are safe and that it is OK.


I also want you to connect to HOPE and dare to dream big dreams. Because one day you will be divorced and that's when all our planning for financial abundance and connecting to your power will really come into play. Divorce can leave many women broken and stuck.


Not on my watch.


Heartache Hall is the baby of all the lessons I learned along the way and my mission is to help you to also thrive during your divorce. I honestly can't wait to share it with you.

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