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Next Retreat:

27-29th September 2022

Escape to the castle for a magical 3 day retreat...


In the heart of Northumberland, the Heartache Hall 3 day retreat, will take place at our exclusive top secret venue. Exquisitely renovated with love, each room offers the utmost in luxury and tranquility, with stunning views of the surrounding gardens, woods and historic countryside. This is the perfect retreat location to escape, feel, regroup and leave feeling armour-clad.


We love that our exclusive venue was once reinforced and castellated to protect it, because that is exactly how you will feel once you've left Heartache Hall!

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Retreat to the woods

There is something so magical about the woods. Our incredible yoga space is hidden away in the woods surrounding our property. As we move through our emotional shifts and healing work, keep your eyes peeled for fairies, sprites and even spirit animals! Magic definitely included.

Your ticket includes

  • Access to your exclusive Heartache Hall community - a priceless tribe of women, going through the same thing as you, ready to cheer you on - and support from Hannah and the Heartache Hall team.

  • One to One session with Hannah, before and after the retreat (worth £350)

  • An incredibly healing, super luxury, exclusive 3-day divorce retreat IN A CASTLE - it doesn’t get safer than that.

  • Delicious, nutricious, organic and local food for the whole stay. All lovingly prepared by our excellent in-house chef.

  • Daily yoga and relaxation; everything you need will be provided.

  • Access to experts in law, finance and more, ensuring you leave with a clear plan.

  • Complete confidentiality - all participants to complete a non-disclosure agreement

  • Lifetime access to the Heartache Hall Mindset Divorce Course - worth £2000! (Release date: October 2022) - and the course community group for even more support and connection to women with big dreams.

  • Live monthly group coaching for 3 months following the retreat.

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Who is it for?

Heartache Hall is for anyone going through a divorce who needs

a little extra support (yes, that's basically all of us)*. 




It's for people who feel so overwhelmed they have fallen apart and can’t work out what to do first. If you feel like there is no light at the end of this very dark tunnel, Heartache Hall is the place for you. Metaphorical head torches will be provided!



It's for people who have ignored their pain and cracked on with the practicalities. This is no time to fall apart. Right? Wrong! If people have been saying to you, "wow you're so strong!" Or "I can't believe you haven't cried yet!" Or something else of that nature... Heartbreak Hotel is also for you. There is another way to feel your hurt AND manage all the practical stuff that comes with divorce.



It is also great for women who are restarting their career and/or might be financially abundant but need to work on their money mindset, worthiness and self-worth.

“Divorce is on my bucket list,” said no one ever. 

The only silver lining is Heartache Hall!

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